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Neurological conditions

Healthy salad as part of a balanced diet

The interplay between nutrition and neurological disorders has gained increasing recognition. Various studies have shown how malnutrition and nutritional imbalances or intake of various drugs can exacerbate symptoms and disorders.

Certain conditions like Parkinsons disease, Dementia, Stroke, Multiple sclerosis , Ataxia and Motor neurone disease lead to a higher susceptibility to nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal disorders and feeding difficulties.

It is therefore essential that appropriate dietary advice and intervention is implemented as soon as possible to help prevent malnutrition and the detrimental effects thereof.

Through doing a full assessment, your nutritional needs will be identified. A diet and meal plan will then be put in place to ensure your needs are met. Working within a multi-disciplinary team, I will be able to identify what support is needed and facilitate the support and care provided.

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