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Weight management

Female on scales assesssing weight management

The term weight management generally is used to refer to the process of adopting long-term changes to your lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy body weight.


These lifestyle changes can be numerous, but often include eating a healthier, more balanced diet, increasing your physical activity levels (in frequency and/or intensity), as well as challenging your mindset around using food as a reward, treat, or way to manage stress levels.

Everyone has an opinion regarding weight loss and how to achieve it. 

I believe food has 3 functions:

  • to fill you up,

  • provide nutrients, and

  • provide enjoyment.


With this in mind I educate you on the facts of how best to go about your weight loss journey. I take your lifestyle, your habits and your likes into consideration, and discuss strategies.

With the right help, support and advice, it can become second nature, sustainable and easy to slot into your everyday life.

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